Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rugby Journaling

Because the rugby team I'm on didn't have our regular outdoor practice tonight, I figured I would get into some soul searching in the rugby realm and share with the rugby community so that everyone could have an opportunity for a lil' self-reflection.

Rugby seasons are very interesting to look at individually. Different things in your outside life can affect your game on the field, because as well all know....rugby is a lifestyle. There's a million and one different excuses we can make for not doing our best...at the same time there's a million and one things we can attribute our success to...and I think it's helpful to outline both of those things for yourself so you know what works for you, what doesn't work for you, and what you need to do to move forward.

I'm gonna list some questions below to fill up your plates with some food for thought - I'm not even gonna write my own answers here because they don't really matter as much as you coming up with your own answers! Write 'em down or think in your head [or think out loud like Ed Sheeran if you prefer].

Rugby Reflection Questions

1. What season of rugby are you currently in? At this point, how long have you been playing for?

2. What team are you playing for? Have you played with this team before or have you started with a new team?

3. What do you like about the team you play for?

4. What do you wish was different about the team you play for?

5.  What position[s] have you been playing? New or old [or both?!]?

6. Do you think you have improved at all this season? If so, where have you improved and what has made you improve? If not, what do you think you can do to start improving?

7.  What are three concrete goals that you would like to accomplish in this season?
Goal #1: 
Goal #2:
Goal #3:

8. What are three concrete things that you can do to accomplish your goals this season?
Thing #1:
Thing #2:
Thing #3:

9. What has been your biggest highlight this past season?

10. What has been your biggest challenge this past season?

Side Note: If you don't already have a rugby journal, I HIGHLY suggest you invest in one! Not only do I [obviously] have my own rugby blog, but I also have a physical rugby journal that doubles/triples/quadruples as a place to write down rugby drills, journal about rugby goals, doodle pictures about motivating rugby things or thoughts or idea, scrapbook random rugby keepsakes like plane tickets to tournaments or photos or even directions to a field, and then be a freakin' awesome book to look back on and refer too all the time!!!

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