Friday, June 12, 2015




I'm not even sure where to begin.
Well, obviously a good place to start is with our very own Georgia Page:

It is just BEYOND awesome that this video has gone viral:

I've already watched it a countless amount of times just to keep replaying the tackle form Georgia has on her second hit - textbook status!
...oh, and let's just add in that it's textbook status with a broken nose.

But at the same time it is beyond NOT awesome that the world had to witness this awesomeness second hand, through the internet instead of in a live game on TV. It goes to show how unaware and obtuse the public eye is to women's rugby, and/or the sport of rugby in general. If you watch the rest of the game, after Georgia breaks her nose, she makes that hit and things continue on as normal! It's not for another few minutes that she's even taken off the field for a blood sub, and when she's subbed out it's literally treated like everyday normal life. La dee dah, broken nose, life goes on.
A countless amount of women's ruggers, including Georgia, endure a myriad of scrapes, bruises, and breaks that we all see as "part of the job." As almost any rugby player can testify to - when you're in a game situation (especially at a high intensity/competitive level), adrenaline trumps any other sensation your body goes through. Fatigue, pain, sickness, exhaustion......all other feelings are GONE.
 Along with adrenaline comes TEAMWORK. Rugby truly is the ultimate team sport, you're constantly thinking of your teammates rather than yourself as an individual. As Georgia has said in many different interviews, when she was still playing with a broken nose, all she could think about was helping her team. That's part of what makes Georgia such a great player. That's how all successful rugby players think, and really it's the only way anyone can succeed in rugby at all! If you're not thinking about your team, and doing your part to be a supportive teammate and work as one unit......

Georgia's famous rugby clip is a glimmer and shining example of the beauty, power, strength, and excitement that is women's rugby. Women's rugby games are battles upon battles among TONS of rugby goddesses!

If you enjoyed watching Georgia's gnarly broken nose, tackle, and ruck...if you appreciate her hard work and are inspired by that tenacity...WATCH THE WHOLE DAMN GAME. RIGHT HERE:

The commentators say it perfectly in this video at about the 4-minute mark:
"A lot of people ask about the rules of women's rugby...and they're the EXACT SAME as the men's...and women play for the EXACT SAME reason that the men do - make no mistake, these girls are out there because they love to hit, they love the contact, they love the free flowing nature of sevens, and most of all they like to have these life long friends that they'll make by being a part of this team. That's one of the great things in terms of the rules, you don't see that a lot in a lot of different sports in the men's and women's sides how many variations there are... Here they are the EXACT SAME."

It's a CLOSE game with a ton of mighty tackles, stiff arms, and speed all around. And BOTH teams show mutual respect and sportsmanship towards each other....laying each other out then helping each other back up.

And Stars teammate Amanda Divich set the field ablaze with two breakaway tries! While also continuing to have a strong leadership role on the field per usual

I'm proud and honored that I know and have had the privilege to play with so many strong and powerful women on the rugby field. My network of these inspiring women grows almost every day. I hope that spectators and participants in women's athletics continues to grow as well, which is why after you watch the exciting Lindenwood/Notre Dame match you need to go sign this petition called #HerRugbyCounts, because all of these women deserve to be seen and recognized for their strength.