Friday, September 14, 2012


One of my favorite ruggers of all time had this on her Facebook page, so I felt like making it an addition to my rugby blog not only because she's awesome but IT'S TRUE.
Soooo I've moved to a new city and become a full time volunteer....aka I work from 2pm - 10pm Monday through Friday.....aka I CAN'T FUCKING PLAY RUGBY. It's driving me NUTS, especially since I'm still in contact with the city's womens rugby team and I'm on their email list so I know whenever they have games and stuff.
But this isn't the end by any means. I personally think of this as a little hiatus from rugby, even though it's KILLING me that it's the fall right now and I'm not hitting anybody (lol). It's also probably for the best since I'm running a marathon in less than a month....I'd probably go bonkers if I injured myself right before it. Whenever I train for the marathon though, imagining in my head me running on a rugby field with a rugby ball in my hands is probably the number one thing that keeps me going. Sometimes I feel like crying even just from seeing football on tv because it makes me miss rugby that much.

But I WILL BE BACK. ASAP. I don't know when that is but it'll definitely be A-S-A-P. I've got my own rugby ball, kicking tee, rugby shorts, and cleats sitting in my room waiting for the moment I get even a one hour opportunity to play some rugby. Until then...KEEP ON RUCKIN' FELLOW RUGBY PLAYERS OUT THERE, YOU LUCKY SON OF A GUNS. HOPEFULLY I'LL BE JOINING YOU SOON.