Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Success in the eyes of the beholder....

Interesting video:

Take note from this:

What would you rate as YOUR level of success?

Everyone can be their toughest critic, especially when it comes to rugby. We all make mistakes, rugby is practically a game of mistakes and how you handle them. That one dropped pass or missed tackle can make you feel like a real bonehead on the field sometimes.

But making a mistake doesn't make you a bad player or a bad teammate. From that one seemingly ginormous mistake, you may overlook the 20 things you did GREAT right beforehand. And your teammates love you and appreciate your unique strengths, it's part of the beauty of the sport of rugby and the people who play it. But at the same time, remember to give your teammates a pat on the back once in a while, especially the ones that you know beat themselves up more than they should. Let them know they're appreciated members of your awesome team, and that you trust them and support them. Everyone's important and vital, nobody is a more "valuable" player than the other. But make sure all your teammates know that! Everyone needs a pick me up sometimes.